Welcome to Blue Fruit Farm!


Located in beautiful southeastern Minnesota, Blue Fruit Farm covers 5 acres of certified organic blueberries, elderberries, aronia berries, black currants, blue plums, honey berries, jostaberries, juneberries, and cherry plums. Our farm overlooks a stunning microclimate known as Wiscoy Valley, surrounded by forest and native prairie. It allows our plants to benefit from the bountiful population of busy pollinators.

Because we have overhead netting for bird protection and hand harvest, our fruits can ripen naturally on the shrub. The fruits have minimal stems and leaves that we remove during packaging. 

We sell bulk in minimum orders of 5 lb boxes. If you wish to be notified when a specific fruit is in season, please provide your email address and check the boxes for the fruits you are interested in. We will let you know when the fruit is ripe. 

Please feel free to roam our website for more information about our fruit production and organic management. We will continue to update our website with more information. If you need to call us, our farm phone number is 507-454-7549. But keep in mind we are often outside working in the orchard. 

Please note we are not a nursery and cannot sell planting stock. 

We can accomodate local deliveries in the Winona / Rochester area as well as the Twin Cities. You are also welcome to pick up your orders on the farm. Please email your order to Joyce at bluefruitfarm@gmail.com. We will email back to set up delivery or on-farm pick-up. We do not ship fresh or frozen fruits, as it is prohibitively expensive, and we are not set up with shipping materials. We can ship jams and juices, but customers must pay for the shipping and handling. The exact amount will be added to the total when product is shipped and the amount is known. 

For up-to-date information on availability, events, recipes, and more, follow us on Facebook

Fall 2018 Update

Fall is a beautiful time at Blue Fruit Farm. The farm is being put to bed for the winter. The black currants and honeyberries have lost their leaves, but the blueberries are turning red variety by variety. Our work is mostly done - tied up the overhead netting so the raptors can now access gophers and other pesky rodents; we tested pH and applied sulfur to blueberries to help maintain pH of 4-6; and starting to prune black currants. We have been busy making jams and juices so be sure to look at the list below and get your order in. We have limited supplies. Katie Lange, our new Farm Manager, is working towards taking over the farm in the next few years, so Jim and Joyce can retire. 

The American Fruit Growers magazine featured Blue Fruit Farm in their September 2018 issue - "Organic Farm on Cutting Edge of New Fruits and Consumer Education." Please go to https://www.growingproduce.com/fruits/berries/organic-farm-on-cutting-ed...

The MN Farmers Union featured Blue Fruit Farm in their MN State Fair video. You can view the video  and see photos of our farm through this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AHp-KNn4kzp8UwTOE-DAwLVHZCT5FhSF/view. 

Ron Kroese, a long time sustainable agriculture activist, has featured Jim and Joyce in his Sustainable Agriculture Oral History Project through the MN Institue of Sustainable Agriculture (MISA). You can listen to their interview at https://www.misa.umn.edu/publications/sustainableagoralhistoryarchive. Ron has interviewed many other notable people in the sustainable ag movement. 

Jam and Juice For Sale:  All our jams and juices are made in our non-state licensed kitchen. Jim and Joyce are registered MN Food Cottage Producers and good food safety practices are in place, both at the farm level and in our kitchen. For instance, we use a lot of stainless steel equipment, wash hands frequently, and use hydrogen peroxide as a sanitizer. Our fruits are low pH, so they are at much less risk for contamination. We use a low sugar recipe so about 60% is fruit and 40% sugar. Our juices are steam extracted and then processed in a hot water bath for 15 minutes. Our jams and jellies are also processed in a hot water bath for 10 minutes. To order, just email Joyce at bluefruitfarm@gmail.com. We will figure out delivery or on-farm pick-up. Gift boxes of 3 jams (your choice) are available - complete with a bow. Don't wait as supplies are limited. 

Jam: $7 – ½ pint jar; Gift Box - 3/$20; Case of 12 - $78.  We do not ship unless you pay for the handling and shipping. Flavors currently available are:

  • Plum Jam - a complex flavor because we make from 3 varieties of plums - Todd, Northern Blue and Mt Royals. 
  • Plum Aronia Jam - a customer favorite.
  • Blueberry Jam - Kids love it. A great blueberry flavor
  • Blue Currant Jam - Blueberries (2/3) and black currants (1/3). The black currant flavor comes in nicely.
  • Black Currant Jam - The real flavor of black currants - our tartest jam.
  • Aronia Berry Jam - made with aronia juice and cooked whole berries.  
  • Aronia Blue Jam - Blueberries and aronia. Worth trying. We like it a lot.
  • Blue Fruit Medley Jam - plums, aronia and blueberries - a great combination and one of Joyce's favorites.
  • Cherry Blue Jam - made with our cherry plums and blueberries. You won't find this flavor anywhere else. Nice!
  • Elderberry Jelly - Joyce finally got the recipe just right. A delicious spreadable jelly with the goodness of elderberries. Our sweetest flavor.
  • Elderonia Jelly - What could be better - elderberries and aronia berries - made from their juice, 1:1. 

Juices: $12 - 12 oz bottle; We add a tablespoon or so to a glass of water to help maintain our immune systems. You can also add to smoothies, or other juices. 

  • Aronia Juice
  • Elderberry Jucie
  • Elderonia Juice - 2/3 elderberry juce and 1/3 aronia jucie
  • Aronia Pear Apple Juice - made from our own pears and apples which Jim pressed.