To order wholesale: To order, email Joyce Ford at with your contact information (name, store, address, phone and email address, and what fruit you are interested in ordering. We will put you on our Wholesale Fruit Notification List. When that fruit is beginning to ripen in 2016, we will contact you by email so that you can place an order and arrange for delivery. Orders are filled on a first-come first-serve basis. You can set up standing orders. We appreciate a minimum order of $75.00 to help cover delivery costs. 

Prices are based on our costs. Approximately half of what you pay goes to the people for their hand labor. In order to make deliveries cost effective, a minimum order is $75.

Deliveries to Rochester/Twin Cities were on Thursdays in 2015. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE IN 2016


Honeyberries: Late May-early June - limited quantities              ½ pints clamshel   $3.50;                                      Per pound   $8.00

Juneberries:  June - limited quantities                                      ½ pint clamshell   $ 3.50;                                      5 lb box   $40.00 ($8.00 per pound)

Black Currants:  July-early August                                           ½ pints clamshell   $3.00;   pint clamshell  $5.00;   5 lb box   $37.50   ($7.50 per pound)

Blueberries: July-September                                                    pint clamshell   $5.00;                                          5 lb box   $40.00  ($8.00 per pound)

Aronia Berries:  August–early September                                  ½ pint clamshell   $2.50;    pint clamshell   $4.00;  5 lb box   $27.50 ($5.50 per pound)

Plums: August  (Blue and red plums – can mix or just order one variety, depending on what is coming in.)   

                                                                                             5 lb box   $15.00  ($3.00 per pound);                     20 lb box   $55.00  ($2.75 per pound)

Elderberries:   August-September (you will need to destem, unless we get a destemmer for 2016; if so, prices may change)

                                                                                             1 lb clamshell   $5.00;                                         10 lb box   $45.00  ($4.50 per pound)

All fruits at Blue Fruit Farm are certified organic by MOSA. Go to other menu tabs on this website for information on management practices, and our organic certification.