All fruits at Blue Fruit Farm are certified organic by MOSA. Go to other menu tabs on this website for information on management practices, and our organic certification. 


To order, email Joyce Ford at with your contact information (name, store, address, phone and email address), and the fruit and the quantity that you are interested in ordering. We will put you on our WholesaleFruit Notification List. When that fruit is beginning to ripen in the summer, we will contact you by email with prices etc. so that you can place an order and arrange for delivery. You can also call Joyce on her mobile phone – 507-459-2478. Orders are filled on a first-come first-serve basis.



We find that some restaurants and other establishments want to preorder specific amounts prior to the harvest season, especially since we have limited quantities with some fruits. Please feel free to email Joyce if you would like to preorder any fruits.



We also offer standing orders. We appreciate a minimum order of $75.00 to help cover delivery costs. 



Deliveries are made to Rochester, Twin Cities, NE Iowa, or LaCrosse areas (and parts in-between) weekly or bi-monthly, as needed. We will contact you to arrange delivery when your fruit is harvested. Fruit is typically harvested 1-2 days prior to delivery.



We make every effort to provide you with delicious, fresh, clean, healthy fruit. Fruit is hand harvested and carefully packed. We have a walk-in cooler to cool fruit immediately after harvest. We implemented a food safety plan in 2015 and refine it each year. We are small enough to custom pack your order for your convenience. If you have any problems with our fruits, please contact Joyce!



All fruits at Blue Fruit Farm are certified organic by MOSA (producer #MN-G2113-11). 


2018 Wholesale Price List  


Our certified organic berries are sold fresh in ½ pint or 1 pint clamshells, 5 lb boxes, or frozen in 5 lbbags. Plums are sold in bulk boxes per pound. Prices are based on our costs, of which about half goes to pay an equitable wage to the folks who help harvest our fruits. Prices include direct delivery to your location.We appreciate a minimum order of $75 to make deliveries cost-effective.


Honeyberries: Late May-early June - limited quantities – order early

5 lb fresh boxes​ $50.00​ ($10.00/lb)​​​​    ​​​

5 lb frozen bags ​$50.00 ($10.00/lb)


Juneberries:  mid-to-late June - limited quantities - order early

5 lb fresh boxes​ $40.00 ($8.00/lb)​​

5 lb frozen bags $40.00 ($8.00/lb)​


Black Currants:  July-early August  

½ pint clamshells​ $3.00 each (minimum order case of 16)

Pint clamshells​​ $4.25 each (minimum order case of 10)

5 lb boxes ​​$37.50 each ($7.50/lb; $7.25/lb if purchasing 20 lbs or more)

5 lb frozen bags ​$37.50 each ($7.50/lb; $7.25/lb if purchasing 20 lbs or more)​


Blueberries: July-September – no sales of clamshells, only bulk

5 lb boxes ​​$40.00 each ($8.00/lb; $7.50/lb if purchasing 20 lbs or more)​  

5 lb frozen bags ​$40.00 each ($8.00/lb; $7.50/lb if purchasing 20 lbs or more)


Aronia Berries:  August–early September

½ pint clamshell ​$2.75 each (minimum order case of 16)

Pint clamshell​ $4.00 each (minimum order case of 10)

5 lb boxes ​​$30.00 each ($6.00/lb; $5.50/lb if purchasing 20 lbs or more)​

5 lb frozen bags ​$30.00 each ($6.00/lb; $5.50/lb if purchasing 20 lbs or more)


Plums: August

Blue and red plums – can mix or just order one variety – Mt Royal, Todd, Northern Blue, depending on whatis coming in - limited quantities. In 2016 we had problems with plum curculio. This year, we had new control methods in place and had good production. Damaged fruit can be cooked down into plum puree. If interested, let Joyce know and we can arrange a good price.

15-20 lb boxes ​​$3.00/lb


Elderberries:   August-September Destemmed elderberries are available only frozen.

Fresh on the stem

Pint clamshell​​: $3.50 (minimum order case of 10)

Bulk box: ​​$6.00/lb​

Destemmed frozen 

5 lb bags $37.50 ($7.50/lb; $7.25/lb if purchasing 20 lbs or more)