To order retail: Please begin by clicking on the appropropriate checkboxes found on the homepage of our website. Notification for ordering will be sent out about 1 week before fruits are ready for sale, at which time you can place your order. Orders are filled on a first-come first-serve basis.

On-farm pick-ups: Blue Fruit Farm is located at 31762 Wiscoy Ridge Road (detailed directions can be found under the Contact Us portion of our website). Once you have received notification that your order is ready, it can be found in Jim and Joyce's garage in the black refrigerator - with your name on it.

We sell fresh in 5 lb boxes and frozen fruits in 5 lb bags.

2017 prices (prices are listed per pound)

Blueberries: $8Frozen in 5 lb bags is still available.

Aronia: $6Fr

Honeyberries: $10SOLD OUT for 2017

Juneberries: $8SOLD OUT for 2017

Black currants: $8SOLD OUT for 2017

Plums: $3.50SOLD OUT for 2017

Elderberries are sold on the stem fresh or 5 lb frozen destemmed (easier for you!) Fresh is $7.50/lb - boxes vary in weight. Frozen elderberries are $7.50/lb in 5 lb bags.