Honeyberries – Frozen – 2 Pounds


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Do you enjoy the sweetness of blueberries that you can eat by the handful but want to try something with a little different flavor? The Honeyberry is the fruit for you! We hand pick our Honeyberries at peak ripeness in early June. You can use Honeyberries in any recipe as a substitute for blueberries. Honeyberries are our healthiest berry, packed with flavor and antioxidants!

Available during the month of June – limited quantities – order early!

Fresh Certified Organic Honeyberries come in a 2 lb box. They are delicious eaten fresh by the handful. Please specify if you would like fresh berries. Otherwise, all orders will be for frozen berries.

Frozen Certified Organic Honeyberries come in 2 lb bags.

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