Honeyberries – Fresh or Frozen – 5 Pounds


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Do you enjoy the sweetness of blueberries that you can eat by the handful but want to try something with a little different flavor? The Honeyberry is the fruit for you! We hand pick our Honeyberries at peak ripeness in early June. You can use Honeyberries in any recipe as a substitute for blueberries. Honeyberries are our healthiest berry, packed with flavor and antioxidants!

Available during the month of June – limited quantities – order early!

Honeyberries are $60.00 for 5 pounds. We will not be preselling honeyberries this year, but we are accepting preorders. Payment can be invoiced on availability or paid on delivery.

Notice: Look for an email after your purchase that will ask you to designate whether you’d like your berries fresh or frozen! Fresh berries are only available in June.

Fresh Certified Organic Honeyberries come in a 5lb box. They are delicious eaten fresh by the handful.

Frozen Certified Organic Honeyberries come in 5lb bags.

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